Made it to Lima (the first time)

We had a long but mostly smooth travel day, and all are in good spirits. We’re taking a short night’s sleep in Lima, then back to the airport to fly to Cuzco and drive to Ollantaytambo where we’ll stay for a week.

flying over the Panama Canal at sunset – exciting times for students that just survived AP US History.
Atlantic City (L) and Ocean City, NJ
stuffing people and luggage into a not-so-big van, Lima
Hanging out in Newark airport
stuffed in a van after midnight, Lima
Cape May, NJ
Using airport time to do student presentations. Ethan is teaching us about education and healthcare systems in Peru.
Stuffed on an airport bus.
Bailey teaches us about the physical and human geography of Peru while waiting for our first flight.


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  1. Nice to see everyone still in good spirit after a long day of travel – glad you all made to Lima smoothly!

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