Day 3: Pachamama ceremony

Students are hand-writing stories that I will post tomorrow. Here are some photos that will hopefully have stories attached to them soon.

Several days ago, we participated in a “Pachamama ceremony” led by a local spiritualist named Elder who helped explain some traditional Incan beliefs, including their connection to nature, and we gave offerings to Mother Earth (“Pachamama”) to bless our journey in Peru.

Elder, our leader for the Pachamama ceremony

Making ceremonial arrangements of coca leaves and llama fat (below).

Some of the offerings: grains to be thankful for the food the earth provides, and rainbow sprinkles for the sweetness and happiness.
Hanging out in the lobby at the Full Moon lodge.

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Pachamama ceremony

  1. I love this. The kids really look like they are happy, learning and really enjoying being with each other. Keep learning about life. Love you! Thanks again Jeff and Lill.

  2. What a great life lesson! Love how Bailey still “styling” even in the Mountains of Peru!

  3. What an experience! It’s great that the students could have a taste of the spiritual aspect of the local culture up close and personal.

    Thank you and enjoy!

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