UPDATED Day 4: Hiking Pinkuylluna (The Incan “refrigerator”)

We took a wonderful hike today to ruins of an Incan granary, placed on the side of the mountain and designed to store and preserve food. The design was impressive, with features to cool the food using cold water piped in from the mountains and dry it with strategically placed windows.

The views of town below were impressive, and the steep climb was a good test of our acclimitization to the 9,100 ft of elevation (verdict: improving but incomplete!).

I have a lot of good photos to post, but a power outage in town has left us with very limited internet connectivity. It also left us with a dark, dark sky that let the Milky Way and Southern Cross shine through, so it’s a wash.

The students began their homestays this afternoon (all our traveling boys in one family, and all the girls with another). When we checked in with them all were having fun playing with the kids of the family and/or their new kittens.

More pics and stories to come when the power comes back on.

Jeff Jewett

4 thoughts on “UPDATED Day 4: Hiking Pinkuylluna (The Incan “refrigerator”)

  1. Hope the power comes back on soon! We are loving hearing about your daily adventures! Be safe and keep the pictures coming!

  2. Thanks Jeff. So far, the pictures are beautiful and the kids look so happy. Thank you to you and Lill for taking this journey with them. Love you Bailey!

  3. What a great experience! Wonderful teachers for taking such good care of their students! I’m jealous!

  4. Thanks for the post Jeff! While I’m sympathetic to you for the power outage, it might be a blessing for the star gazing experience and being more closely connected with nature in calming darkness…Easy for me to say that though..:)

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