Portraits of Uratari: photos by Victoria Gu

Every time we turn around, Vicky is shooting a photo or twelve. She has become the unofficial program photographer, and with great results to show for it. Here is a gallery of some photos of the community of Uratari, Peru.

There are few photos of the visiting Pingry contingent here – this is from a collection she created to have printed at a one-hour photo booth in Cusco so that we could give them back to the community of Uratari as a gift. Many of the people pictured have few physical or digital photos in their lives.

[Note from Jeff: Sorry for some accidentally repeated photos in this post…it’s late and I need to go to bed but I’ll fix it eventually.]

3 thoughts on “Portraits of Uratari: photos by Victoria Gu

  1. Great pictures Vicky! Such an incredible gift to the community. Thanks for being the official photographer for the group!

  2. Great job Vicky! The color and the smile really come alive in the photos. What an incredible gift and memory to share!

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